Exploring Graduate School

People attend a variety of different graduate programs for a variety of different reasons. What all graduate programs have in common, though, is what they are not: graduate school is not necessary, it is not easy, it is not the same thing as a few more years of college, and it is not a way of delaying tough decisions about your life. 

To help Salem psychology majors decide if they want to pursue a graduate program, and whether that program would be an MA, MSW, PhD, PsyD, or other degree, we have created the "Is Graduate School Right for Me?" handbook. The sections of this handbook will walk you through:

  • Why Do I Want to Go to Graduate School?

  • What Kind of Program Do I Need?

  • What Qualifications Do I Need for Grade School?

  • What Can I Do to Improve My Preparation?

The handbook contains several self-assessments that will help you reflect on your personality, goals, training, and preparation to help you decide.

Other Graduate School Exploration Resources

To get a clear view of what graduate school is like, there is no better resource than current graduate students who are living the experience right now. Reach out to students in programs that interest you and ask them to share advice on what the program is like, how they feel about their decision to go to graduate school, and what advice they would give to those considering that graduate program.

Also, the comic Piled Higher and Deeper (a pun on what PhD means) offers a not-too-exaggerated look at what graduate school can be like day-to-day.